Joerg Steineck

is a German film director, cinematographer, editor, writer and painter. His films have been well-received and awarded at international film festivals by a global audience.
After completion of design and media study he proceeded as an autodidact independent filmmaker,  while sharpening his creative capacity and vision for raising awareness for the importance of cultural and social commitment in modern societies.
He‘s not only involved in every aspect of production but has also developed his own distinctive, unconventional style of storytelling and realisation, which is often characterised by contrasting naturalistic and stylistic elements to emphasize each others significance.

Photo by Elena Karakitsou


Features // Truckfighters Fuzzomentary (documentary, 2011)
Lo Sound Desert (documentary, 2016)
MOAIS (animation fiction, 2021)
Inside Scofield (documentary, 2022)
American Dirge (documentary fusion, 2022)
OIL JACK (fiction, 2023)

Shorts // Wind (experimental, 2003), Reading A Book (experimental, 2003), Building A Ruin (experimental, 2003), Desert Drops (experimental, 2004), Ode To The Fade (experimental, 2004), On A Single Day In May (experimental, 2005), David (documentary, 2006), Beenie Boys Adventures (experimental, 2006), Last days of Dirty Shoes (experimental, 2007), Lo Sound Desert (documentary, 2007), Hackberry 66 (documentary, 2008), Rememo (drama, 2008), Welcome To Tijuana (documentary, 2009), The Last Man (drama/experimental, 2013), Double Chin (animation, 2016), Magnificent City (animation, 2023)

Music videos // House Of Broken Promises – Boundries (2005), Swandive – You Kind Of Remind Me (2005), The Gap Influence – Reincarnate Yourself (2006), Chris Maher – Lines Drawn Long (2006), Buddy – Say A Lot (2007), Paco Mendoza – Candela (2009), Miss Lava – Don’t tell a soul (2010), Miss Lava – Ride (2011), The New Assembly – Beyond The Sound (2011), Truckfighters – Prophet (2013), Blackmail – The Rush (2013), Harnessing The Universe – Spirit Guides (2015), Harnessing The Universe – Beyond The Bright (2015), Harnessing The Universe – Watch Your Mouth (2016), Mat Reetz – Hurricane Walls (2017)

Commercial videos // i.a. German Federal Environment Agency, Mercure Hotels, UMG, Oxfam, PAN